I was recently doing some work to implement BitLocker in a Task Sequence, not a particularly well documented process but it does exist in some books with a useful step by step process

I managed to find a well documented process from the following book:

Deployment Fundamentals, Vol. 6: Deploying Windows 10 Using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

This can be helpful with getting lab up and running quickly with Hydration Kit

I deployed BitLocker in the Task Sequence which works well in a basic scenario. I built upon this to include 256bit Encryption instead of the standard 128bit

This process was based an older version of the tool and Windows Server (Server 2012 R2, ADK and MDT 2013 Update 2)

I wanted to Migrate this to a new version of MDT, ADK and Windows Server 2019 with the minimum amount effort and confirm the Task Sequence would still work.

Windows Admin Center and the Storage Migration Service

I was aware that the Windows Admin Center had functionality to migrate file shares to a newer a server platform and would be useful in scenarios for legacy scenarios for the following reasons:

  • Migrate legacy Windows Server 2003
  • Assigned permissions on shares are undocumented, not understood and therefore organizations are nervous about impact to applications and user access.

I decided to see if I could use this tool to migrate MDT to Server 2019 and update MDT to the latest version

Current Deployment

Future Deployment


  • Hyper V Installed on hardware with enough CPU and RAM to run at least 6 virtual machines
  • A hard drive with enough disk space to store the virtual machines.
  • Window 10 1909 ISO, here
  • Windows 2019 ISO, here
  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 8456, here


Install Windows Admin Center
Install Storage Migration Service and check firewall ports
Manage Servers with Windows Admin Center
Introducing the Windows Server Storage Migration Service
Storage Migration Overview
Use Storage Migration Service to migrate a server
Storage Migration Service known issues
Windows Admin Center Known Issues
Storage Migration Service frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Troubleshooting Windows Admin Center
Windows Admin Center release history

Part 2 will show you how to get up and running with the lab requirements