In Part 3 we went through the steps of creating a migration job.

In Part 4 we’ll focus on the errors encountered after our data shares were migrated from server MDT01 to DF7-MDT01

Below is the errors encountered after the initial data share migrations

  1. Couldn’t Transfer Some Devices
  2. We skipped transferring a system file that might disrupt Windows on the destination server. This usually happens when encountering a system folder that you probably don’t want to migrate anyway
  • Look at the Transfer Detail tab
  • Download Error Log Only
  • Import the CSV into Excel to get the details of the files that failed to transfer
  • See the list of files below that could not be migrated

NOTE: At this point there is simply no explanation from WAC why these files failed to migrate. You have to look at the following article for the explanation:

What files and folders are excluded from transfers?

The article points out known file types that are excluded from file migrations which includes the Bootmgr

At this point the following would be more helpful

  • The errors in WAC highlighting the reason why the file could not be transferred
  • The error referencing the above document

This would be much more helpful in cutting down the time to troubleshoot the issue. Imagine if you were migrating a legacy server, this level of error reporting may slow you down significantly in your attempts to get on to supported version of Windows

In my case I decided that as this was only a handful of files I could transfer them after I had finished the migration from the legacy server. At this point I didn’t know if I would be able to complete the task

In Part 5 we’ll carry on the migration to the new server