In Part 4 we went through some troubleshooting steps due to some errors found in the data migration phase.

In Part 5 we’ll continue with the migration and complete the cutover

  • On the Cut over to the new servers page
  • Add the Domain Credentials for the source and destination servers
  • Migrate the Network Settings of the source server to the destination server
  • Add a name for the source server or allow it to be renamed randomly. It will be renamed when the cut over completes. The source server name will be given to the destination server
  • Click Next
  • Use stored credentials
  • Click Next
  • Validate the source and destination server configuration
  • Click Next
  • The cut over will then begin
  • Notice you will see restarts of the source and destination servers during the next process
  • WAC then prompts for credentials again

Note: At this point no credentials were accepted and therefore additional troubleshooting was required. The error appears to have been caused during the rename operation


My first impressions of this error was that the Migration had failed, I checked the following:

  • MDT01 had been renamed and assigned a new IP address
  • DF7-MDT01 had the shares migrated with the correct permissions
  • DF7-MDT01 had received the IP Address of the source server MDT01

As I could not continue with the added credentials successfully I had no choice but to cancel the wizard. This causes the WAC to error and fail to report on the status of the SMS Job. To resolve this do the following:

  • Terminate the Windows Admin Center Desktop from Task Manager, and close browser
  • Launch the Windows Admin Center as Admin from:

C:\Program Files\Windows Admin Center\SmeDesktop

  • Open WAC https://localhost:6516/
  • Connect to DF7-MDT01 > Storage Migration Service
  • Check the status of the cut over and you’ll see it actually succeeded
  • Click Finish
  • Confirmation that the cut over was successful

In Part 6 we’ll move on to finish configure DF7-MDT01 with MDT and WDS