In Part 5 we walked through the migration and cut over. In Part 6 we’ll start configuring MDT and WDS.

If not already done, then complete the following steps

  1. Install the Windows ADK on DF7-MDT01. This post uses 1903 which is compatible with 1909. There are 3 things you will need:
  • Windows ADK 1903
  • Windows System Image Manager Fix
  • Windows 1903 PE Add-On

All can be found here
Install these components

2. Install Windows Deployment Services (WDS) as a role from Server Manager but do not configure just yet.

3. Install Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 8456 from here

4. Manually copy across the missing Bootmgr files from MDT01 that were not migrated as part of the process. We covered this in Part 4. Here’s a quick recap of the files that were not migrated and are required.

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Configure MDT 8456

From the Windows Start Menu find the Deployment Workbench and open

  • Right-Click the Deployment Shares > Open Deployment Share
  • Navigate to E:\MDTBuildLab
  • Select the option to Upgrade the content of the deployment share (if required)
  • Carry out the same process to add the MDTProduction share
  • Once the shares are added just take some time to look through the folder structures and the Task Sequences

Update the Deployment Share on MDT

Right-Click each share (MDTBuildLab and MDT Production) and update the deployment shares.

This will take some time, in my lab at least 15 minutes and will regenerate the x86 and x64 boot images that will be required for WDS

These will be generated in the following directories:

  • E:\MDTProduction\Boot
  • E:\MDTBuildLab\Boot

You can confirm these are correct by looking at the timestamp of the newly created files and look at the properties of the share

Configure WDS

  • Open WDS from the DF7-MDT01
  • Right-Click the Server to configure WDS
  • The options you choose are of personal preference and business requirements. I’ve chosen Respond to all client computers (known and unknown)
  • Remove the tick from Add images to server now
  • Right-Click Boot Images
  • Browse to the x64 WIM image that was created during the update of the deployment share
  • Repeat the steps to add the x86 WIM image

In Part 7 we’ll build a Generation 2 virtual machine and test our migrated MDT solution