In Part 6 we configured MDT and WDS to complete the configuration.

In Part 7 we’ll test out the MDT solution with a migrated Task Sequence and confirm that the BitLocker configuration still works

  • In Hyper V create a new Generation 2 virtual machine
  • Configure it for a network installation (PXE Boot)
  • Configure the virtual TPM so it will support our BitLocker implementation

Ensure the Network Adaptor is first in the list

Ensure the virtual TPM is enabled

  • Start the virtual machine
  • Press Enter for the network boot (PXE)
  • The Bootstrap and Custom.ini files will get loaded
  • Select the Task Sequence
  • Operating System Applying
  • As Windows restarts you can unlock the screen an observe the Task Sequence configuring Windows
  • See Explorer below, no sign yet of BitLocker
  • After a few more minutes the TPM check script runs to detect the virtual TPM
  • The BitLocker configuration then runs
  • Running Manage-BDE -status you can see the disk starting to encrypt with 256bit encryption

This completes our Migration and post migration testing for MDT.

This is only a basic deployment so actual production deployments are likely to involve much more complexity

In Part 8 I’ll close with a short summary