Simply put, if you value your business, back up you systems and data!

Backups are not a new concept and they should be considered as part of any project to implement a platform. It’s still very concerning to see many organizations out there that have no backup strategy or are unaware that they have no known good working backup to use in the event of a disaster

Although talented and industrious support functions can perform miracles with recovering these scenarios they are they often misunderstood. Recovering a platform without a backup can usually be complex, time consuming and comes with no guarantees that it can be restored to it’s previous state, which will accelerate grey hair or rapid hair loss 🙂

High Availability and Fault Tolerance should always be a top consideration when designing a platform. At least if you experience a failure you are guarded against a service outage and you can meet your SLAs.

Backups and Disaster Recovery (DR) should be in place for a complete failure or business continuity testing.

Basic Considerations

  1. What is the platforms business function?
  • Ensure you understand how critical your platform is and the impact to customers in the event it is degraded or down for any reason

2. Consider the make up of your platform

  • Is the platform On-Premises?
  • Is the platform hybrid, a mixture of On-Premises and Cloud?
  • Does it contain IaaS, SaaS or PaaS?

3. Identify what components and data are mission critical

  • Do these components and data have fault tolerance and high availability?
  • Have you considered Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) as part of your strategy?

Consider reviewing the following documents for some guidance

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4. Research and find a suitable backup product

  • Consider backup products that can recover both On-Premises and Cloud infrastructure

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