In Part 1 we created boot media to start Windows in the pre-installation environment

In Part 2 we’ll walk through the process of using the media and resolving the restart loop


In this lab we’ll use Hyper-V to demo the process.

  1. Attach the new winpe.iso to the Hyper-V guest computer

2. Ensure the boot order has the DVD Drive set as the primary boot option

3. Connect to the virtual machine and start it

  • Press any key to boot from the winpe.iso
  • WinPE is loaded

We now need to confirm which drive letter the Windows Operating System is presented on


Use DiskPart to discover the disk and volume Windows is installed on

In Windows PE, Windows may not default to the C:\

4. Run the following commands

List Disk
Select Disk 0 <Drive letter may vary depending on the number of disks>
List Volume <Volumes present on the disk>

To be thorough in confirming which volume has windows installed we can assess like this:

  • Volume 0 is the DVD drive
  • Volume 1 is the recovery drive
  • Volume 2, C:\ is likely to be Windows due to it’s size, 59GB
  • Volume 3 is the system partition

5. To confirm where Windows is installed

  • Ctrl + C to exit DiskPart
  • C:
  • Dir

See output below, Windows install directory is present

In Part 3 we’ll query the Windows Registry and make changes to break the restart loop