In Part 2 we started the virtual machine and launched the Windows PE environment

Windows Registry

  1. Start the Windows Registry
  • regedit

The Windows Registry presented is not from the Windows installation. You have to load the hive you want to make changes

2. Load the SYSTEM hive
This is located C:\Windows\System32\Config

  • Select HKEY_Local_Machine
  • From the File menu Load Hive
  • Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\Config
  • Open the SYSTEM hive
  • Give the hive a name when prompted

3. Navigate to the following registry key


  • Change the following value
  • DWORD Start
  • Value 4

This will disable the Trusted Installer from trying to perform servicing operations at start up

4. Close the registry
5. Restart Windows with the following command

  • wpeutil reboot

This will break the restart loop and allow you to logon. You can then begin further troubleshooting of the Windows Operating System

If you need to run commands such as DISM when you log back on to Windows you will need to set the TrustedInstaller service to “Manual”

Do this with the following elevated PowerShell Command

Get-Service -DisplayName ‘Windows Modules Installer’ | Set-Service -StartupType Manual

This concludes this blog post series