My initiation into this started rather abruptly, 2.5 years ago I got that dreaded 9pm call to request support as ADFS was burning down and that service and application availability was at risk… Challenge accepted! Although not much of a choice in the matter either… 🙂

Here’s some resources I’ve used that helped me understand protocols and standards. The protocols can be quite complex to understand if your new or have limited experience in this field or simply need a little refresher.

In the case of the identity protocols and standards, you should start with the question “Why?” and understand what problem each protocol is designed to solve. This is a good approach to learning the subject and with a little knowledge of what resources are available you’ll be able to get up to speed quickly.

Introduction to Identity Standards

This gives an overview on the following topics

  • SAML & Federation
  • OAuth 2.0
  • OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • FIDO

Deep-dive: Azure Active Directory Authentication and Single-Sign-On

Great lecture on how the fundamentals of Single Sign-on works and covers SAML & Federation

An Illustrated Guide to OAuth and OpenID Connect

A nice short video that helps explain the concepts and jargon and also highlights the purpose and the problems it solves.

What the Heck is OAuth?

The documentation from Okta on this subject is very good and the video discussion gives a very good introduction in explaining how both OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect work. This builds on the previous video but gives a more in-depth view


Understanding FIDO2 for a secure, passwordless future – a John Craddock webinar recording

This page contains some details on FIDO and an On-Demand Webinar that you can sign up to view for free


There is a ton of resources publicly available for learning Identity. OAuth and OpenID Connect can be initially quite difficult to understand but the resources provided will help create a good foundation of knowledge.

Additional Resources

Azure Active Directory Identity Blog
Channel 9
What is the Microsoft identity platform?
Microsoft identity platform documentation

Getting Started with Microsoft Identity – Learn | Microsoft Docs