Over the last couple of years I’ve taken an interest in coaching and mentoring and becoming engaged with some continuous professional development (CPD) certification with some topics on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Coaching & Mentoring and some aspects of Mental Health.

I’ve had a strong focus on technology for the last 20 years and invested (and still do) a lot of time and dedication to continually develop in this area, which is challenging because everything changes all the time. If you speak to anyone in the industry they will probably tell you how tough it is with the continuous evolution and a daily level of uncertainty about which challenge your organization may be presented with. You might be just trying to keep the lights on or embracing new technology to keep ahead of your competitors.

I was introduced to NLP a few years ago and some aspects of it were intriguing and insightful although not every aspect of the mechanics resonated with me personally. This eventually led to discovering Tony Robbins and reading his books, listening to his audio programs and content available on YouTube. I wouldn’t go as far to say “life changing”…..well certainly not yet, but it has given me some new perspectives and also some renewed energy and passion for a subject I would simply of never considered as being particularly useful.

NLP is referred to as the “psychology of excellence” and can be used as a tool for personal development amongst some other uses although it is debated how useful some of the strategies and techniques are. Some of areas of the training are interesting, such as how a person’s perception of the world is shaped by their experiences and how it creates a “mental map“. This will be different for each person and highlight that our perceptions are often not reality, also known as “the map is not the territory“, see the links below:

What Is NLP? | Neuro Linguistic Programming | NLP Academy

NLP Communication Models

Since taking some of the CPD courses on the Center of Excellence I’ve then become more interested in the psychology aspects and decided to invest more time into learning and developing counselling and coaching skills as part of my own personal development. Some of the training programs I am currently undertaking are as follows:

Personal Power II
A core audio program delivered by Tony Robbins

Unleash the Power Within (UPW)
Due to COVID, I’ve only got the option to currently do this as a virtual event but the coaching discussions should be quite enlightening.

RMT Core 100 Training

This a life coaching course that has been developed by a number of coaches. There are 100’s of lectures and coaching videos plus live coaching calls and practice sessions. You also get benefits such as a coach acceleration course and resources to help you get started as a coach. Most of the materials are available for life, the live sessions only for 6 months. There is no time limit on the course and with a college degree you can be awarded a BCC

I’ll be adding some more blogs on coaching and mentoring as I start to get more insights to share.