3rd June 2021

I was due to attend UPW in April 2020, it was cancelled due to COVID-19. Just over a year later and there was an opportunity to do this virtually before attending in person

I have been studying Tony Robbins work for the last 3 1/2 years and taken up a number of personal development courses as a direct result. I researched the event before attending, Tony is not present for all 4 days and his other coaches will participate who are all good, some people are left a little disappointed when they find out after joining.

The event takes place over 4 days with around 54 hours of personal development training with numerous coaches, these were advertised to include the following:

Tony Robbins
Scott Harris
Joseph McClendon III
Karissa “KK” Kouchis
Brian Bradley
Todd Hartley
Dean Graziosi
Nick Santonastasso
Anthony William
Siri Lindley
Master Stephen Co

It’s very easy to become focused or obsessed with one area of your life and subconsciously neglect others. Tony’s work, teaching and materials gives you a good awareness of other areas of your life and how to address these and make a difference by taking action.

The events are known for creating lots of energy and getting yourself into a peak state. The psychology behind this is to become more empowered, make decisions and take action to improve some quality of your life in one of the following areas


The format online is well presented and managed very well. One of the immense benefits of doing this online is that you connect with many people over the globe in different time zones. The virtual experience is immersive and connected and with the virtual experience many people have involved their families into the event which makes for a more inclusive event and potentially not something that was thought of previously.

The first day at UPW is a day with Tony for about 12.5 hours. If you’ve studied his materials, trainings and books then you will be hugely familiar with everything he talks about during the first day.

As part of the course events you are sent a workbook and materials for the 4 days. It’s not absolutely necessary to use them you just need something to write on and have lots of spirit as you’ll be on your feet dancing, fist pumping and ensuring you keep in a peak state.

From a virtual perspective this can feel strange but from the main stage you will see people all around the world showing some tremendous human spirit and with Tony giving call outs and encouragement to people, this creates a connection with everyone involved… It was personally touching to receive a shout out.

At certain times of the day you will get added to a breakout room to discuss with others some of the exercises you are set throughout the day. This is a great way to meet other people and share perspectives on the topics being discussed.

The day ends with karate chopping some wood which is replaced by the in person fire walk. It’s a novelty and a little psychology driven.

Overall a good day and seemingly a nice way to finish off a difficult 15 months with COVID as the UK starts to move to easing restrictions.

Hope this may helps if you are considering the event