Being an advocate of personal development I decided to invest in the RMT Core 100 program and start writing some blogs about the course and materials I was supplied with. The blog(s) may be helpful if you are also considering doing the course.

What is RMT Core 100?

At it’s core the program is about the Strategic Intervention Coaching (SI).

RMT Core 100 Training | Robbins-Madanes Training (

“In our Core 100 Training Program, you will receive a coaching education that is not available anywhere else in the world. You will learn how to work with any client and help them achieve greater happiness, success, and better relationships. We suggest you start your training with Core 100. RMT Core 100 Training contains four Mastery Units which focus on Megastrategies, Navigating Life Stages, Personal Transformation, and Key Decisions. You will learn through watching, doing, discussing, listening, journaling and reading about coaching. We like to empower our students by using every learning modality. You will get a Certificate of Completion from Robbins-Madanes Center for 100 hours of training as a Life Coach.

The RMT Core 100 is program that was founded by the following coaches:

Tony Robbins

Chloe Madanes

Mark & Magali Peysha

What is Strategic Intervention?

Strategic Intervention is a cross-disciplinary movement dedicated to increasing connection, communication, happiness, and understanding in all people. SI (short for Strategic Intervention) is used worldwide by Life Coaches, Therapists, Doctors, Psychologists, Teachers, Business Consultants, and Community leaders. The goal of the Strategic Interventionist is to create happiness, understanding, and harmony through helping individuals and groups to harness their inner strength, group insights, and creative and systemic thinking. A Strategic Interventionist combines the talents of Life Coaching with the art of deep spiritual understanding and dynamic teaching skills.

Strategic Intervention Handbook

Peysha, Magali; Peysha, Mark. Strategic Intervention Handbook: How to quickly produce profound change in yourself and others (p. 26). Strategic Intervention Press. Kindle Edition.

Getting Started and Course Structure

If you commit to paying the full price of the course upfront you will receive additional bonus materials to help you get started as a coach.

My advice before deciding whether to invest in the RMT Core 100 is to purchase the Strategic Intervention Handbook and read this first. This will give you an insight upfront about the guiding principles of the course and what to expect. This is not included when purchasing the course but it is recommended and will help you get to grips with the 16 mastery modules


Coaching Accelerator Workshop
If you purchase the course upfront then you will get this additional bonus. These are live sessions for you to attend and you will also receive the recordings of these sessions. These help you to start your coaching journey, build a brand and use social media to create pages to advertise yourself as a coach.

I’ve attended some of the sessions here but for me personally this is not currently my priority. I will refer to these recordings as and when I need to.

Coaching Practice Blueprint
This is another module designed to teach you some strategies to get up and running as a coach.

Core 100 Training Program
100 hours of training to help you develop as a life coach

Live Calendar
There are live student sessions for 6 months once enrolling. These are led by Mark and Magali Peysha and include the opportunity to work with other students to practice coaching skills. This is a very good benefit of the course and it’s good to be able grow your network here. All sessions are recorded and added to your training area.

Marketing Makeover

A number of sessions to discuss and assist with what you should do as a coach.

6 Human Needs
The 6 human needs is a core part of strategic intervention and is widely adopted throughout the course

  1. Certainty
    As human beings will all need some comfort or to put it another way we will do more to gain pleasure and move away from pain.
  2. Uncertainty
    The need for variety and challenges that make us grow. The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the amount of uncertainty you can comfortably live with.
  3. Significance
    The need to feel important, unique, special and to feel needed
  4. Connection and Love
    Everyone has the need to give and receive love
  5. Growth
    If your not growing your dying, finding ways to grow gives us something to strive for to feel alive
  6. Contribution
    The secret to living is giving. The need to contribute to your community, a person or group can make a difference to peoples lives.

    The first 4 human needs are dependent on our need for survival and 5 & 6 are dependent on our need for fulfilment.

Where do I get started?

There is a lot of content in this course and it can be confusing about where to start as there is so much content. If I was starting this course again this is the order I would follow.

1. Strategic Intervention Handbook
2. 6 Human Needs
3. Coaching Blueprint
4. Coaching Accelerator Course
5. RMT Core 100, 16 modules

It’s up to you where you start but if you have limited experience in coaching then focusing on knowledge and strategies may be a good place to start like the steps highlighted above.

If you already have experience in the field of coaching you may wish to focus on the coaching accelerator, blueprint and marketing aspects first

As always I hope this blog may help