In part 1 we introduced you to some of the Windows 10 documents and highlighting the known issues documents to help you avoid any unnecessary issues when deciding to upgrade Windows 10

In this section we’ll look at some of the Windows 10 upgrade troubleshooting documents. In the picture below the upgrade phases for Windows 10. Take note of the 0x codes under each phase and the processes that take place throughout the upgrade at each stage.

Windows 10 Upgrade Phases

What do these codes mean?

These codes are very helpful when reviewing the Setuperr.log and Setupact.log and would confirm the following:

  1. Which phase the upgrade encountered a failure
  2. The 0x codes are referenced in the logs and can be cross referenced with the resolution procedures document

In this document we can get a better understanding of specific components or process that failed during the upgrade. This will take some effort or skill to navigate the correct logs and be able to follow the flow but also getting to the points that will actually help pinpoint the issues.

In part 3 we’ll discuss the logs available and are likely to be needed to troubleshoot the upgrade failure

Locating the Logs

There are a number of logs you can view, this document is a list of most of the logs you will need

In Part 3 I’ll provide a little guidance on reviewing logs