In today’s landscape, technology is possible of solving many problems, at the same time it still creates new challenges, problems and solving these can be complex.

A business solution can span multiple technologies and therefore it’s important to remain diligent about the functionality that each vendor provides and publicly documents.

The problem with public documentation, where a solution spans multiple vendors is that they they may only state that something is technically possible without referencing any implementation steps or how it was tested with all vendors.

Gone are the days where a single person is rarely responsible for solving complex problems alone, yet many organizations still seem to hinge all their expectations on a single individual. There is still a culture that exists where trying to exert pressure on people or teams is seen as a way of motivating them to the solution. This approach is out of touch and rarely leads to the right outcome or creates a good working relationships. Leaders and organizations need to become more aware of these existing outdated cultures and replace them with an approaches that are more resourceful and meaningful.

If your solution spans multiple vendors, they should all be involved in discussions in troubleshooting at the earliest opportunity, this is the quickest way to move forwards. The blocker to the configuration or implementation should be identified and understood. Once this blocker is understood involve the right people and teams to progress.