After serving in the British Army and completing a tour in Afghanistan in 2010 I’ve been watching the recent events unfold.

The events that have occurred and the complete collapse of the government and military was swift but for me comes as no surprise.

The world remains in shock and seemingly surprised that the Taliban was able to take major cities at ease with very little resistance from a the Afghan Nation Army (ANA), a 300,000 trained army.

From my observations whilst serving overseas, it was clear that numbers for the Afghan National Force (ANA) were never going to be an effective fighting force. It is however, unfair to put the emphasis solely on the ANA. The Afghan Government is also deeply corrupt and the region itself has been in turmoil for decades since the Soviet conflict and eventually the rule of the Taliban from the early 90’s.

This will also be extremely distressing to families who have lost loved ones during this conflict who will be questioning how successive governments, after 20 years have failed to secure an exit plan and the security of the region before departing.

What Next?

With Afghanistan now back under Taliban control there will inevitably be the following concerns:

  1. Is it inevitable that the Western World will be pulled back into another conflict (it cannot win) ?
  2. Will Afghanistan become the home and breeding group for terrorist networks?
  3. Will the Taliban re-introduce strict Sharia Laws on it’s citizens and restrict their human rights?
  4. What is the future for women in Afghanistan?
  5. How will the recent occupation of Afghanistan influence attitudes in the West, public opinion and the morale of our Armed Forces?

The US War in Afghanistan – Timeline

Interviews during the conflict

I recently looked back at a number of media interviews before the first decade of conflict had occurred. With recent events unfolding, western troops leaving and the Taliban seizing control it’s useful to understand what opinions and attitudes were at this time.

Peter Hitchens – Bring the Troops Home (2009)
Peter Hitchens on BBCQT – Afghan War Failed
Christopher Hitchens on Afghanistan (Question Time Part VII)

Post Afghanistan Interviews

I recently caught up on some interviews since the Taliban seized control and decided to take a note of these.

Afghanistan veteran MP says Taliban takeover has caused “anger, grief and rage”
‘It wasn’t worth it’ – says MP who served in Afghanistan war
Noam Chomsky weighs in on Afghanistan
Peter Hitchens: why I disagreed with Christopher about 9/11