In the last couple of years the impact of COVID-19 on people’s lives has been significant, but not always fully appreciated. Many people are facing daily challenges including isolation or a disconnect/loss at a personal or professional area of life. With these types of challenges, trying to cope with the uncertainty of how to reconnect with the world, create new relationships and thrive can be overwhelming or seem impossible.

The mixed and confusing messages from governments and organizations around world continue to persist (COVID) bringing more uncertainty to peoples lives along with the longer term effects of mental health. Human beings have shown an incredible resiliency during the last 2 years, but as people we have specific needs to ensure we can function psychologically and ensure our wellbeing. A long term absence of these needs will lead to conditions such as depression and anxiety.

I recently researched some information books and videos on this topic and added them below. These videos and book reference below may be helpful for anyone that has been struggling to overcome a mental health problem or is unaware they are exhibiting the symptoms.

These TED Talks were published before COVID but help articulate why people become depressed and touches on the biological and psychological needs that all humans have.

Lost Connections


Key Takeaways:

  • Research shows a rise of depression and Anxiety in the western world – Why?
  • Diagnosis of depression and anxiety can be over simplified as a ‘chemical imbalance’ (biological)
  • Diagnosis should also take into account the ‘human needs’ (psychological)
  • Medication may not be the best long term measure to resolve depression and anxiety
  • We should talk less about the chemical imbalances and more about the imbalances in the way we live

Contributers to Anxiety and Depression

  • Factors that will influence if someone is likely to be affected are:

    When people perceive to have a lack of job control
    Little or no interaction with the world outside
  • Humans have a psychological purpose which include:

    A life that has purpose or meaning
    A requirement for belonging to a group
    To feel optimistic about the future
  • Replacing meaningful pursuits of happiness with mental diet of social media, emphasis on status and money

Defining Depression and Anxiety

  • Depression and Anxiety is a signal to bring to your attention that your human needs are not being met, it does not mean that you are weak or broken.

Digital Technology

The surge and acceleration of digital technologies has disrupted the way in which we interact with each other over the last 10 years and has increased during the last 2 years. The technologies have allowed people to remain connected and businesses to restructure and evolve under digital transformation. Technology however will never replace the need for humans to interact in person and work in groups.

We work with people across digital technologies to connect, collaborate and be productive at home and at work but I have noticed how many people do not like to put a camera on so we lose some connection with the people we engage with. Simply being able to read someone’s body language helps our daily interactions and responses to those around us.

I hope this blog may of brought some helpful insights if you may be interested in the subject, suffer with depression and anxiety or know someone who does.

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